Abel’s Wine Bar offers you a wine tasting in Bucharest

To understand Romania, you should taste its wine.

When visiting Romania, it’s a shame to skip one, very important, part of romanian culture and tradition, that is still a mystery for most foreghn visitors: wine.

Almost 200.000 hectares of vineyards, over 100 wine cellars with tradition and award winning wines in global contests, more than 12 native vine varieties unique in the world, and thousands of years of wine tradition. Yes, you read correctly, thousands of years of wine tradition. Actually, Romania has one of the oldest wine tradition in the world – more than 6000 years of viticulture and it is believed that Dionysos, the God of wine, was born on this land.

Now that we’ve captured your attention with facts and beautiful history, how about some wine tasting? To understand Romania, you should taste its wine.

When visiting Bucharest, stop by Abel’s Wine Bar, located in Old Town and one of the few places where you can enjoy a wine tasting in Buchareste and sample some of the country’s most exquisite wines.

At Abel’s you’ll find a variety of romanian wines that can be enjoyed in a wine flight, or can be relished by full glass or bottle. This is one of the few places, where old school wine etiquette is still followed. After a friendly chat with the Wine Guide about your preferences in wine, you’ll be offered to try the wine before accepting the pour, regardless if you would like to enjoy a single glass of wine or a hole bottle.

When choosing a wine flight experience, along with amazing taste of reds, whites, roses and sparklings the Wine Guide will unveil the legends of the vineyards, tell stories about the people that created the wine and their secrets of the wine making. It is not just drinking wine, it is sensory experience with a incursion in romanian culture and tradition and fascinating insights into the world of Romanian wine production.

The experience is deliciously enjoyable and educational in the same time. You’ll feel like having a guided wine tour of Romania, without leaving Old Town Bucharest.

Abel’s wine menu offers more than 100 labels of wines from both New World – South America, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand – and the Old Continent. Thus, if you care for variety, you can taste some of the best wines from all over the world. And, if in the process you’ll fell in love with a certain wine, Abel’s have all their menu wines on special take away price, so you can take home your newly founded favorite wine bottle and enjoy it with your loved once.

Stop by anytime during the week or make a reservation for the weekend. We will gladly welcome you with romanian hospitality and great wine.